From Guards to Guardians: Rebuilding Prisons from the Ground Up

From Guards to Guardians: Rebuilding Prisons from the Ground Up is a heartfelt thank you to correctional officers, unsung heroes of our society. This invaluable guide is designed to bring dignity and humanity back to this noble profession. It is filled with their voices and their ideas.  From Guards to Guardians includes practical exercises, powerful […]

The Art of Soulmaking: A Path to Unconditional Freedom

Art of Soulmaker

The Art of Soulmaking draws readers inside their own souls for the work of a lifetime. With daily practices and consciousness explorations through writing prompts and integration exercises, The Art of Soulmaking builds connection and creativity, purpose and fulfillment—the cornerstones of living inside one’s self and one’s true genius. Readers cultivate a deep intimacy with […]

Play: A Path to Genius

We’re all familiar with the part of growing up where play gets cut off and seriousness takes hold. Rediscover the transformative power of play with Nicole Daedone’s eye-opening exploration of human potential, Play: A Path to Genius. Instead of seeing play as just a break from life’s tedium or relegating it to your younger years, […]

The Eros Sutras, Volume 5: Liberation & Justice

The Eros Sutras, Volume 5: Liberation & Justice is a profound exploration of the human experience of freedom, justice, and liberation. Through a collection of sutras, the reader is invited to delve into the complexities of social justice, personal liberation, and the eight stages of liberation. The sutras describe how true freedom is always a […]

The Eros Sutras, Volume 4: Relationship

The Eros Sutras, Volume 4: Relationship brings the exploration of Eros into the realm of connection with others. This profound series of Sutras allows for transformative work in relationships, exploring friendships, lovers, partners, and even those who appear to be enemies.   This fourth volume provides an alternative to conventional notions of love, sexuality, and relationships. […]

Erotic Justice: Making Social Change from Love

Love: The most transgressive cure for what ails society. Nicole Daedone’s Erotic Justice, is a revolutionary work that challenges the traditional paradigms of American society, leading to a higher purpose: personal and societal transformation. At the core of Erotic Justice is the thing that can right all wrongs: Love. Erotic Justice offers Love as the […]

The Big Book of Eros

In this landmark guide to the practice of Orgasmic Meditation (OM), the four silos of the application of OM are explored: stories that touch on healing, connection, liberation and erotic justice. A book exploring the philosophy and foundation of the consciousness expanding practice that has healed hundreds of thousands is explored. The Big Book of […]

Everyday Eros Sutras

Marianne Williamson meets The Power of Now in Nicole Daedone’s tour de force examination of life force and how to work with it. Written in simple, straight forward language, Everyday Eros Sutras shares insights and reflections on the application of The Eros Sutras in everyday life through intimate stories and examples. More than principles and […]

The Art of Addiction: Re-Envisioning Addiction’s Role in Our Lives

The Art of Addiction is a powerful resource born from an eight-week program to take individuals on a path of self-discovery and rehumanization. Designed by Kate Feigin and based on the writing of Nicole Daedone, the workbook combines Daedone’s profound understanding of addiction and Feigin’s 20 plus years working with the incarcerated to offer a […]

Woman: The Uncomfortable Truth

Woman: The Uncomfortable Truth introduces Call, a powerful phenomenon that, until now, has gone almost entirely unrecognized. Akin to the estrus signal, and in concert with the limbic system—the part of the brain that governs our emotions—it is what allows a woman to draw others to her and move the world. Sure to shake the […]