May 22, 2023

Everyday Eros Sutras

Marianne Williamson meets the Power of Now in Nicole Daedone’s tour de force examination of life force and how to work with it.

Written in simple, straight forward language, Everyday Eros Sutras shares the reflection on The Art and Practice of the Eros Sutras and the insights on the application of Eros in everyday life through intimate stories and examples.

More than principles and platitudes, Everyday Eros Sutras does not turn its head from anything. It is a fearless guide to living, warts and all. The reader will learn how to access joy, turn in to life’s challenges, play with life’s games, turn the lead of hurt into the gold of wisdom, and vulnerability of the soft underbelly of connecting to another.

This clear undertaking always takes you back to the only thing that matters: creation, connection and love.

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