Soulmaker Press (SMP) is an independent publisher carving a feminine path to liberation through the use of a variety of media. Soulmaker Press titles and projects are inspired by our five-volume collection of The Eros Sutras written by Orgasmic Meditation (OM) founder Nicole Daedone. The Sutras are the essential texts in the study of Eros.

Other titles by Nicole Daedone—ranging from contemporary social commentary based in the principles of Eros, to transformative programs designed for the incarcerated—will be on the launch list. Historically, SMP joins a broad range of ideas and author-led independent, non-mainstream publishers, founded to give voice to marginalized authors and movements. Books are at the core of the company’s work, as is collaboration. Soulmaker Press also publishes the newspaper The Eros Times, works in collaboration with The Eros Platform— including a weekly Sutra Study program—and produces mini-documentaries, podcasts, and convenings.

Eros, the philosophy linked to OM, is a force of creativity, genius, and connectivity. It animates and unifies the physical and tactile, saturates our experiences, draws us into sensual engagement with other humans and nature, and grounds us in the deepest core of the soul.

Soulmaker Press is part of a group of affiliated businesses, including OneTaste, and nonprofits built around the philosophy of OM. Initiatives inspired by the Sutras are produced by the nonprofit, Unconditional Freedom. That work includes rewilding land, shifting prisons to monasteries that reintegrate the soul, cultivating prison gardens, and establishing Free Food restaurants in San Francisco and New York City. Soulmaker Press will also work with The Institute of OM Foundation to publish breakthrough findings for healing trauma and expanding consciousness through OM.

Soulmaker Press books are available in print and ebook form and can be purchased directly from the publisher, and from Amazon, Apple Books, and through all other retailers via Ingram.