German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer wrote that the truth comes in three stages: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. And finally, it becomes self-evident. For those who can hear, truth in those early stages sounds like the whispering of the soul to itself. A relief, a resting place for the derided, the ostracized, the outsider.

Soulmaker Press is a full-service, privately held, international publisher, fostering avenues for writers and readers to explore new ideas in the space where intellect, science, the arts, and the mystical converge. We draw upon the writing and editorial talents of an international team to deliver the highest-quality reading experience, wherever books are sold.

Powered by Eros, in classical mythology the fundamental force in creation, our work is rooted in discovery and art, including works often considered taboo. We take special interest in the shadow, the unconscious, the creative process, and a feminine non-rational system of order. Precisely because it includes both the spirit and soul, the profound and the profane, emotions and the body, Eros offers a deeply needed perspective of unity that the world is sorely lacking. It’s the magic that has been missing, and our books on spirituality, health and wellness, women, social reform, memoir, and science are intended to restore its intelligence to our lives.

Soulmaker Press is part of a greater initiative to reintegrate what’s been cast out as unlovable. Initiatives include: breakthrough somatic modalities for healing trauma and expanding consciousness; rewilding land; creating programs for shifting prisons to monasteries that reintegrate the soul; prison gardens; and Free Food street restaurants in San Francisco and New York City.