May 22, 2023

The Big Book of Eros

In this landmark guide to the practice of Orgasmic Meditation (OM), the four silos of the application of OM are explored: stories that touch on healing, connection, liberation and erotic justice. A book exploring the philosophy and foundation of the consciousness expanding practice that has healed hundreds of thousands is explored.

The Big Book of Eros delves into the Founder’s story by the brilliant, forward-thinking Nicole Daedone and gives the history of OM, the groundbreaking science behind it, and how it relates to other spiritual paths.

Peer into the view of Orgasmic Meditation through the lens of science and the largest scientific study on partnered stimulation since Masters and Johnson. The research suggests OM as the next trauma protocol that heals depression, PTSD, sexual dysfunction and changes the brain of practitioners permanently. This book includes interviews with scientists at the forefront of this research.

The Big Book of Eros consists of an anthology section of people’s personal transformation through the practice of OM: healing addiction, defeating depression, dramatic weight loss, reconciliation between families and a renewal of the self. Understand how Orgasmic Meditation becomes a gateway to the wisdom of the body, unbridled joy and a doorway to a greater love of ourselves.

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The Big Book of Eros

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The Big Book of Eros

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