The Art of Soulmaking

The Art of Soulmaking

The work of a lifetime and the only work worth doing.

What if there were a template that could be used over and over to develop, deepen and reveal the human soul? The Art of Soulmaking has cracked the code with a step-by-step guide for excavating the basement and building a new home, an interior castle where the soul can live, growing and expanding throughout life. With daily practices and consciousness explorations, The Art of Soulmaking builds connection and creativity, purpose and fulfillment, the cornerstones of living inside oneself and one’s true genius.

The Art of Soulmaking, an interactive guide, maps out weekly plans for six months and includes hundreds of prompts and exercises to help cultivate a deep intimacy with the world of the interior, the soul.

A revolutionary journey, step inside the invitation of your own soul, the alchemical path to unconditional freedom.

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