May 22, 2023

The Art of Addiction; A Path to Eros Recovery

Most of us deal with addiction in some form. Through the lens of a woman with over thirteen years of recovery, see a different side of addiction and how it contributes to the art of your life.

The Art of Addiction is a step workbook that paints a bold, revolutionary portrait of addiction. One that focuses on the lessons, messages and gifts of addiction, not the shame. In this book we learn not to judge the experience but embrace it for what it offers us: creativity, desire, drive and access to flow.

Hear the stories of recovered addicts and their well told love stories to their addiction. Addiction pulls us down into the soul’s depths and it is in that perfect place where we begin to excavate genius. Both addiction and recovery are necessary phases of equal importance and impact for the fullest expression of human wholeness.

Full of both poetry and boots on the ground exercises, The Art of Addiction, walks you step by step on the path to recovery without losing the lessons and beauty of addiction.

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