June 9, 2023

Play: A Path to Genius

We’re all familiar with the part of growing up where play gets cut off and seriousness takes hold. Rediscover the transformative power of play with Nicole Daedone’s eye-opening exploration of human potential, Play: A Path to Genius. Instead of seeing play as just a break from life’s tedium or relegating it to your younger years, Daedone invites you to experience life as the ultimate game—a game bursting with liberating possibilities, transformative connection, and profound self-exploration.

Drawing on a broad spectrum of thought-provoking material, ranging from the worlds of religion, neuroscience, and psychology to intimate personal narratives, Daedone illuminates the profound significance of play in our daily lives, and in our deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment. Play is at the core of our biological being and our highest spiritual experiences.

Play: A Path to Genius is a seminal work that transcends the terrain of self-help, philosophy, and social commentary. We are invited to step out of our familiar notions of reality and step into the limitless playground of existence.


Play: A Path to Genius

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Play: A Path to Genius

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