You Voted for sovereignty

power and sovereignty

This letter was written by Nicole Daedone as a call for women to develop their own independent voice. She says “to have a mind of one’s own is the great endeavor and great mystery of our time, and one, I would suggest, we have not yet begun to commence and thus remains unsolved.

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What if there were a template that could be used over and over to develop, deepen, and reveal the calling on your soul and the purpose that you uniquely are called to fulfill? The Art of Soulmaking maps out weekly plans for six months and includes hundreds of prompts and exercises to help cultivate a deep intimacy with the world of the interior, the soul, and what it is calling forth in you.


A revolutionary journey, step inside the invitation of your own soul, the alchemical path to unconditional freedom and the only work worth doing.


You are more than what the world sees. As a woman, your identity is shaped not just by your achievements and roles but by the desires that burn within you — from small, everyday wants, to your larger purpose in life. Have you ever paused to ask, “What do I truly want?” This question is the gateway to understanding your deeper self and purpose.


“The purpose and endpoint of Eros is to bring us into a totality of being beyond the limited ideas of who we are,” — Eros Sutras #60


You are the artist of your life and the world is waiting for your touch to draw out what it wants to bring forth. The world needs you. It’s a bold way of thinking, and how you are meant to be.


Eros, the awakening to the pervasive intimacy of erotic love, is the fuel and the connective force that guides us into manifesting who we really are.