Worldwide Maranasati


Buddhists meditate on a corpse – preferably one “swollen and bloated;’ putrid and turning to skeleton as vultures, dogs and worms feast; tendons dangling off femurs and tibias – to stay connected to the irrefutable fact that life ends. All life. It’s called maranasati and, in its true form, you just can’t do it without […]

Chasing Pain

Every athlete knows you rip it apart before you can build it; that’s the nature of muscle. By stressing the muscles under progressively heavier weight, you break apart the muscle fibers under exertion. When you cease lifting the weight, resting muscles rearrange the broken fibers and reform into new configurations, making you stronger. With consistency […]

The Art of Soulmaking: A Path to Unconditional Freedom

Art of Soulmaker

The work of a lifetime and the only work worth doing. What if there were a template that could be used over and over to develop, deepen, and reveal the human soul? The Art of Soulmaking: A Path to Unconditional Freedom has cracked the code with a step-by-step guide for excavating the basement and building […]

Art of Soulmaking for The Incarcerated

The Art of Soulmaking for The Incarcerated is a book co-authored by Nicole Daedone and Beth Wareham, designed to guide incarcerated individuals on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. The book offers a series of lessons and practices to help those in prison access their inner voice, or soul, and develop a deeper connection […]