Worldwide Maranasati


Buddhists meditate on a corpse – preferably one “swollen and bloated;’ putrid and turning to skeleton as vultures, dogs and worms feast; tendons dangling off femurs and tibias – to stay connected to the irrefutable fact that life ends. All life. It’s called maranasati and, in its true form, you just can’t do it without […]

Chasing Pain

Every athlete knows you rip it apart before you can build it; that’s the nature of muscle. By stressing the muscles under progressively heavier weight, you break apart the muscle fibers under exertion. When you cease lifting the weight, resting muscles rearrange the broken fibers and reform into new configurations, making you stronger. With consistency […]

The Art of Soulmaking: A Path to Unconditional Freedom

Art of Soulmaker

The Art of Soulmaking draws readers inside their own souls for the work of a lifetime. With daily practices and consciousness explorations through writing prompts and integration exercises, The Art of Soulmaking builds connection and creativity, purpose and fulfillment—the cornerstones of living inside one’s self and one’s true genius. Readers cultivate a deep intimacy with […]

Art of Soulmaking for The Incarcerated

What if our prisons became monasteries? Some have. This is the plan that allowed more than 20,000 incarcerated individuals to rebuild intimacy with their lives.  The Art of Soulmaking for the Incarcerated was designed by Nicole Daedone. She imagined reframing the prison experience as an opportunity for growth and transformation. The Art of Soulmaking for […]