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35,000+ readers reported**:

+ Lower stress by 23%
+ Lower anger by 17%
+ Lower depression by 21%
+ Higher gratitude by 14%

* The author’s book: Art of Soulmaking For the Incarcerated

** Based on research results for 100+ participants from 35,000 readers of The Art of Soulmaking for The Incarcerated book

What 35,000

readers are


There are those of us
who are

too wild, too feral, too opinionated, too bossy, too much to be invited into the silent sanctums and pristine halls where traditional spirituality dwells.

See what’s inside.

Learn to be intimate


with all things

there’s more

 A unique story about The Art of Soulmaking workbook: 

This workbook has helped improve the lives of tens of thousands of incarcerated individuals. Over 30,000 people in 350 prisons across the United States are using an adapted version of this book, written just for prison, to help individuals in prison create more purpose, joy, and creativity in their lives. 

Every purchase of The Art of Soulmaking workbook will enable more people in prison to receive the prison edition of this book.

You can also volunteer as a penpal for The Art of Soulmaking For the Incarcerated program through our sister non-profit organization, Unconditional Freedom. Click here to find out more [hyperlink to open in new tab:]

 “Heal thyself, and heal the world.”


nicole daedone

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Meet the Author

I want to know life biblically, the way a man knows a woman, the way a lover knows a beloved. I want to know the water by getting wet

Whether we dwell in a luxurious home, a modest apartment, a dorm or shelter, we are all equalized by the desire, the impulse, to break out of the clutter

into a clearer light of freedom, of creative expression, & love

We all want to feel lifted of the mental, emotional, and spiritual burdens in which we tend to find ourselves


the art of soulmaking

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