May 23, 2023

The Eros Sutras, Volume 2: Tumescence

In The Eros Sutras, Volume 2: Tumescence, we traverse an evocative and enlightening journey into the depths of Eros-genius and creativity. This volume is a profound exploration of the body’s natural response to various forms of arousal – physical, mental, spiritual, and sexual. It invites the reader to intimately delve into the sensations, emotions, and experiences of tumescence, a physical and metaphysical manifestation of unexpressed creativity and desire.

Through a series of enlightening Sutras, readers learn to identify and dissolve the knots of unexpressed creativity and desire, transforming them into powerful resources for understanding and action. Encouraging the conversion of tumescence within ourselves and our surrounding systems, this seminal guide illuminates the path to radical, root-level solutions, fostering joy, flourishing, and open-mindedness.

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