February 1, 2023

The Age of Eros: A Manifesto of Connectivity and Consciousness

By Nicole Daedone

In the same way nations without proper nutrients have a greater incidence of blindness, so does a world that does not offer the nutrient a woman would need to see: Eros. We can scarcely visualize a world where woman is self-determined, self-defined, self-liberated, so lacking are we in what she would need to be able to see her own incomprehensible potential.

We are on the verge of great change. We are on the verge of reclaiming a sense that something is possible. We are on the verge of beginning a new society; one defined by connectivity and consciousness. We are on the verge of reincorporating our sexuality into the essence of our beings. We are on the verge of ending isolation and creating woman-led communities around the world; communities that will be resilient; that will define sex on a woman’s terms, and send erotic energy back to the world as love.

We are on the verge of unleashing the power of Eros to suffuse and illuminate everything with meaning and significance, shining a light on the reality of a deeper nature.

The Age of Eros is a manifesto, a guide, to the coming of an era. This is a woman’s way.

You can download a digital copy of the manifesto for free, or pre-order your own printed copy of Art of Eros Manifesto.

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