February 1, 2023

The Eros Sutras, Volume 3: Practice Instructions in Orgasmic Meditation

By Nicole Daedone

Sutras for the Art and Practice of Eros is the foundational, complete text for the study and practice of Eros, the path of feminine spirituality. In these never before shared teachings, one finds the path to uncovering the truth within themselves and the journey of their true nature.

This volume of the Sutras lays out how the mind, physical body and the various energetic bodies interrelate. Discover a deep dive into the practice of Orgasmic Meditation and the principles that undergird the practice that has helped heal the maladies of thousands. The liberation that is available in the study of Eros, giving us the framework for understanding the descending path of the soul. This volume covers Practice and Liberation.

$40.00 USD