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Desire & The Body

Desire Contract Podcast Episode 4
Sunday, February 4, 1PM PT / 4PM ET

About The Webinar

Do you feel uneasy around the topic of desire? Do you find yourself both fearing and drawn to taking risks and exploring the unknown? 

Join four women speak about the power of desire bringing you alive: artist, business woman, actress, and coach. Each took a personal leap towards letting the voice of their desire light their way forward. 

How The Journey Works

The Desire Contract introduces you to the 6 key steps to exploring your own relationship with desire, and guides you to integrating this growth in to your daily life.


About The Author

Author Nicole Daedone has worked with over 30,000 people helping to answer this simple but difficult question, “What do I want?” She’s an author, teacher, writer, artist, and woman.

Nicole Daedone

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