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Past Episodes

Episode 3: Desire Is the Path to Flourishing

Desire can color your life with meaning and draw out passion and creativity. When you live from desire, each day is lit with a sense of thriving. This leads to a sense of purpose that includes profession and goes beyond to activity that nourishes the soul’s deeper hunger. Join Aubrey, Anjuli, Courtney, and Vanessa for an intimate conversation about the leap to a life of desire. Watch the replay on the Eros Platform. 

Upcoming Episodes

Episode 4: Desire & The Body

Author of the Desire Contract, Nicole Daedone, has been quoted as saying “Desire is a great salesperson.” 

In reality, Desire is not all candy hearts and chocolate cake. Desire is a rigorous path of stripping away the “not us” and allowing for a deeper, truer sense of who we are to emerge. It is the bread crumb through the maze to uncovering who we are. 

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About The Podcast

Join four women speak about the power of desire bringing you alive: artist, business woman, actress, and coach. Each took a personal leap towards letting the voice of their desire light their way forward. 

The Desire Contract

The Desire Contract introduces you to the 6 key steps to exploring your own relationship with desire, and guides you to integrating this growth in to your daily life.


About The Author

Author Nicole Daedone has worked with over 30,000 people helping to answer this simple but difficult question, “What do I want?” She’s an author, teacher, writer, artist, and woman.

Nicole Daedone

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