A Woman’s Power

the hidden world of your desire

Get to know the roadblocks that come between you and what your desire.

Become more intimate with your own life and let your desire benefit you and the world around you.

The Desire Contract
Workbook is everything you need to build a relationship with your desire.

This journal is a tool you can use over and over, as your life evolves and your desire becomes more robust, clear, and powerful. 

These easy-to-understand exercises, simple but insightful lessons, journaling prompts allow you the space, encouragement, and insight you need to carve out the space for your desire.

The deeper your relationship with what you want grows, the more joy, creativity, and purpose you will find in your life and your relationships.

Desire. It’s a word that elicits all sorts of emotions in women—from excitement to fear, from bewilderment to hunger. Most of us think we know what we want but when pressed, we have a hard time articulating it. We have completely swept desire under the rug. But why? Why this chasm between ourselves and what we yearn for? How have we become estranged from our desire?

Desire is unpredictable. It is out of our control; it seems not appropriate and might not play by the rules. We may think it’s okay to unleash in the bedroom. Maybe it’s appropriate for other people. But we’re not going to let it mess with a civilized trajectory. We have our plans, our goals. We play roles and wear labels like mother, sister, CEO, friend, teacher,

A Woman’s Power is

What Do We Mean by Desire?

Is it Just if I Want a Cupcake? Yes…and. Your desire is a source of power inside of you.

This power is always there, even when you can’t hear it or tell it to “sush”. This power source expresses itself in desire, in the little and big things you want in your life.

Developing your relationship with this innocent, beneficial, tremendously powerful source inside of you will bring you more wholeness, purpose, joy, and creativity.


It is no surprise that women struggle to answer the simple question:

For us women, this is the most difficult question we can ask ourselves

There’s a reason for that.

We aren’t taught to think about what we truly, deeply want.

We’re taught that others should always come first, that duty and being good is more important than feeling good, and becoming who we want to be.

This journal is simple. The exercises easy are understand, the lessons and stories are insightful, and in the end you will find yourself with a deeper sense of purpose in your life, with a stronger foundation of joy in your life, and your relationships will grow deeper and closer.

Benefits of Exploring Your Desire

  1. Gain clarity in what you really want in your life
  2. Heal the ways you hold yourself back
  3. Learn how you want your friends and loved ones to support you
  4. Begin to release past hurts and pains
  5. Make a pact with yourself to always cherish what you want

Included in Your Purchase

  • The Desire Contract, a comprehensive and beautifully illustrated 90 page workbook on re-igniting your relationship to your desire.
  • Sister community call: 60-minute zoom call with fellow women exploring their desire
  • Letter from the Author to women, On Power & Sovereignty
  • The Women’s Course, free course video and audio modules, plus a discount code if you want more

Women’s Desire Will Heal The World

Women who know their desire naturally want to help others. It’s who we are at our core, and when our relationship with our desire is strong, we can help from overflow.

Nicole Daedone, author of The Desire Contract, created a program to help those incarcerated in 2020 deepen their own lives. Since then, over 35,000 incarcerated individuals in the United States have benefited from the work in this data-driven program.

For every Desire Contract purchase, $1 of the proceeds go to the benefit of Unconditional Freedom, a largely volunteer-run non profit organization supporting this work.

Meeting your guides

Meet some sisters on the path of discovering their desire. Vanessa, Anjuli, and Courtney recorded a few videos and hold future webinars you can join as a Desire Contract member.

Vanessa Lengies
has a thriving career as an actress with over two decades experience in film and television, including memorable roles in “Glee” and “Stick It”. Watch her share about how her desire benefits others

Anjuli Ayer
is a CEO of OneTaste, bringing liberation and empowerment to women across the globe. Anjuli talks about the first time she embraced the question, “What do I want?”

Courtney Walker
is an activist and author, finishing up her first full length book, titled Watch The Throne, which covers the experience of being black in America and provides a roadmap for a new path of Black nobility. Watch Courtney talk about having to learn she needs help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Desire Contract difficult to do?

The Desire Contract is designed to be simple, intuitive, and at certain points, challenging. It guides you on a journey, with stories and anecdotes along the way, for you to bring to the surface your biggest desires, small simple desire, what holds you back, and how to work with your own doubts and fears around it. Women regularly say that while they felt challenged at points, the workbook was profoundly intuitive and rewarding for them.

No. This is for you. Many women end up sharing parts or all with one another, but this is not mandatory.

Do I have to share this with anyone?

Do I just do this once and I am done?

You can do The Desire Contract as many times as you want. It is a template for how to really grow to understand your desire. Each time you do it, your insights and experience will deepen. 

For now, we offer The Desire Contract as a digital book only. We plan to offer a second edition, print version, later next year.

Can I have a physical copy of this book?

How will I receive my digital copy of the book and the bonus letter?

Links to both digital files will be emailed to you immediately after your purchase of the workbook. These links will work forever so you can come back and download the workbook and letter as many times as you would like.

You can visit the nonprofit’s webpage at unconditionalfreedom.org. If you want to sign up to be a volunteer prison penpal, you can do that at their sign-up page https://unconditionalfreedom.org/penpal.

How can I learn more about the prison program created by author Nicole Daedone?

How is it that my desire will help others? Isn’t this about what I want?

Every woman we have met, when it came down to it, her deepest desire was naturally beneficial to others. It’s embedded in to this power source we call Desire, and it is part of what makes us women. We tend to naturally support the ecology of people and community around us.

To Help Deepen Your Experience

Letter From the Author on Power and Sovereignty

This letter was written by Nicole Daedone, author of the Desire Contract, as a call for women to develop their own independent voice.

She says “to have a mind of one’s own is the great endeavor and great mystery of our time, and one, I would suggest, we have not yet begun to commence and thus remains unsolved.

Desire Contract Group Webinar January 18, 2024

Engage in an intimate Zoom session with three remarkable women as they share their personal stories.

Despite their outward success, they grappled with feeling unfulfilled. Embark on their transformative journey as they unravel the profound question: “What do I truly want?”

We understand life’s demands, so if you’re unable to attend, rest assured we’ll send you a recording.

What Our Happy Customers Say

There always tends to be resistance when mining for and expressing desires. Even if only to myself. But they are big and varied.

And writing a desire contract always brings me back into intimacy with my desire and the truth of myself and my hunger for all things, my hunger for life…


The desire contract helped me to clarify my relationship to my desire.

Which is which, what do I really want, how do I get there, what’s in the way? It’s a simple but deep inventory of desire that had me imagine a world where I could have what I want, and feel supported in it…


I’ve used the Desire Contract multiple times to get in touch with various goals and purposes, both personally and with a romantic partner.

My biggest growth has been through discovering the subtle “hard no’s” I have, and learning to be more honest and vulnerable with my admissions.

But it’s really the section on how to best support me that has grown in to my favorite, as it reminds me that it’s okay to ask for help.


A Woman’s Power

the hidden world of your desire

Get to know the roadblocks that come between you and what your desire.


Become more intimate with your own life and let your desire benefit you and the world around you.

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