A Woman’s Power Is Her Desire

Re-orient your life to be led from your greatest power source: Your Desire.

Desired Contact


“What do I want?” is the most difficult question a woman will ever ask herself.

As women, we have been conditioned to prioritize the desires of others over our own. We live our lives according to a set of rules built by society and the expectations of those around us. We’re left feeling subdued, restless, and unfulfilled.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s time to awaken to the power of your desire and take control of your life.

Together, we will ignite the strongest force in human nature…the force of a woman who knows what she wants.

A womans power is her desire.

Discovering your desire is the key to unlocking your true potential. A woman’s power lies in her ability to answer the question, “What do I want?” This is where the journey to womanhood truly begins. But answering this question is no easy feat. It requires a deep understanding of ourselves and the challenges we face in discovering our desires. Until we become aware of these challenges, we will continue to find ourselves in relationships, jobs, and situations that do not serve us. Crafting your own Desire Contract will give you the tools you need to take control of your life and live on your own terms. But it’s not just about you. When a woman discovers and follows her desires, everyone around her flourishes. Your power and potential are limitless, and it all starts with answering one simple question: What do I want?

How The Journey Works

The Desire Contract introduces you to the 6 key steps to exploring your own relationship with desire, and guides you to integrating this growth in to your daily life.


  • Preface: What Do You Want?

  • Introduction: Excavating Your Desire

  • How to use this Guide

  • Finding Your Desire Again

  • Desire Contract Section One: Big D Desires

  • Desire Contract Section Two: Little d Desires

  • Desire Contract Section Three: Admissions

  • Desire Contract Section Four: Offerings

  • Desire Contract Section Five: Hard No’s

  • Desire Contract Section Six: Your User’s Guide

  • The Beginning

  • Desire Contract Template


About The Author

Author Nicole Daedone has worked with over 30,000 people helping to answer this simple but difficult question, “What do I want?” She’s an author, teacher, writer, artist, and woman.

Start Your Journey

Included in Your Purchase is:

  • The Desire Contract, a comprehensive and beautifully illustrated 90 page workbook on re-igniting your relationship to your desire
  • Sister community call: 60-minute zoom call with fellow women exploring their desire
  • Letter from the Author to women, (italics) On Power & Sovereignty
  • The Women’s Course, free course video and audio modules, plus a discount code if you want more
  • $1 from your purchase goes directly to supporting incarcerated
    women (see below)

*$1 of Your Purchase Will Go To Providing Resources To Women Incarcerated to Discover Their Inner Voice. When you sign up. we send $1 to our partners at Unconditional Freedom, who work with women behind bars to find their voice. Unconditional freedom has worked wit prison residents since 2020 in over 150 institutions nation-wide to offer meditation, yoga, and an 8-week journey guided by trained volunteers.

To Help Deepen Your Experience

Letter From the Author on Power and Sovereignty

This letter was written by Nicole Daedone, author of the Desire Contract, as a call for women to develop their own independent voice. She says “to have a mind of one’s own is the great endeavor and great mystery of our time, and one, I would suggest, we have not yet begun to commence and thus remains unsolved.

Desire Contract
“Desire Contract” Group Zoom | June 15, 2023
Join a live zoom with 3 women who talk about how despite seemingly successful lives they struggled to full fulfilled, then embarked on this journey to answering this most challenging question. “What do I want?”

“The desire contract brought me back into intimacy with my desire and the truth of myself and my hunger for all things, my hunger for life.”
– Courtney

“What I had thought would take me a lifetime to get anywhere near, I had turned into my daily life. The Desire Contract is a truly powerful tool that changed the course of my life.” – Courtenay