February 1, 2023

Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things

My story is not unique; but the power I take from it is. I have desire. I have hunger. I refuse to scrub it out of my personality, I refuse to be ashamed.

I was an academic star in the women’s studies department at San Francisco State. I felt so choked by a conventional life as a gallery owner that I tore off the little black dress and pearls and traded it for an LSD guru. I spent years looking for the cure to my soul’s hunger in LSD, Zen, and destructive behavior. I have been the ultimate victim. I will talk about it all. And I will tell you this.

I discovered the cure in orgasm and created a curriculum and movement out of it. I opened centers dedicated to healing through orgasmic meditation all over the world. I pioneered new methods. I got neuroscientists to study it. I watched trauma heal and saw thousands of lives transformed. And the movement continues to grow.

Living a life without shame begins by making love, by bringing a sense of intimacy in which we embrace our lives and all around us. We live in a culture that excludes what and who we think is undesirable, unwholesome. Yet I have learned that inside every pathology is beauty. And so I want it all. What will look extreme to you is normal to me. I want to be present to all of life, unconditionally loving every part of it.

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Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things

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Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things

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