Love to Table; Food for the Soul

Love to Table; Food for the Soul

What if the purpose of food is to feed the soul? Love to Table re-imagines a world from the ground up, beginning with the soil and ending in the hands of a mouth it will feed. Love to Table is the journey of filling what is empty and emptying what is full.

Food is love in its most elemental form. It fills our souls, feeds our hearts, stimulates our senses, challenges our creativity and pays homage to our ancestors. But most importantly, it connects us to Mother Earth.

Love to Table is the journey of a group of people committed to change whose only purpose is to re-humanize and bring dignity to all. Including interviews with top climate scientist, John Lui and experts in the field of soul regeneration. They have brought farm to table cafes into prisons, fed three-course meals to thousands without homes and established gardens across Northern California.

This book includes recipes, interviews and personal stories that connect you to the land, the garden, the kitchen, the table, the plate and the people you love. Discover the secrets to Hmong-style rice and the care in which a mother passes the art of love through food it to her daughter. Tap into the essence of what food served with love can mean for a woman without a home struggling to make it through her day, and the story of a father and daughter who reconnect through cooking for those who need it most.

You will almost smell the dirt and hear the sizzle of the stove as you read these inspiring stories and savor the soul in every bite.

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